Justin Herrin

About Justin

A simple Joomla guru and coding wizard living the mountain life in Colorado.

I build awesome websites and seemingly fix web and digital marketing issues "auto-magically." It's my inner MacGyver that pops out every now and then.

I graduated (long ago by now) with a BS in Computer Information Systems from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Ever been?

Over the last decade plus, I've had a strong relationship with the Joomla community, being a founding member of the official Joomla User Group in New Hampshire, volunteering to assist with a bug report and there, and even travelled the world to speak at Joomla conferences.

Can you tell that Joomla is my favorite CMS yet?

Prior to moving to Colorado, I even taught future web developers the Joomla greatness at a college in New Hampshire.

Feel free to say hi or find me on Instagram anytime something interesting comes to mind.